These porcelain images are a beautiful memory captured forever.

Our photo ceramics are produced in Italy and are of the highest quality. 

Bring to us your most treasured photos and we will computer enhance the images to create a lasting memory.

Often the best photos have the worst backgrounds or the person is partially hidden by another person or object.  The parts of the image that are not needed are erased.  We will add a new background and or border another person, pet or your own favourite background.  We have a catalogue of local scenery supplied by a prominent Christchurch photographer for alternative backgrounds.

All images are enhanced by us and a proof copy sent to you for approval prior to production.

There are a variety of sizes and shapes available Oval, Rectangle, Round, Square, Heart and different edge border options white edge, gold fillet border or photo to edge.

Photo ceramics are available in Black and White, Sepia (brown) and full colour.